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in Design - 04 Dec, 2015
by Lynn Perkins - no comments

Credit Image:Pantone Looking to pick a new color scheme for your company’s logo, workspace, packaging or web presence? Right now, the trendiest hues are all about tranquility and fluidity, according to Pantone, the standardized color system that has annually selected a Color of the Year since 1999. For the first time, Pantone has selected two […]

in Design - 30 Sep, 2015
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When someone mentions style guides, people usually think of typography, grid layouts, or colors, and enough numbers to give you a headache. That’s because style guides’ primary purpose is to consolidate and even officialize the tiny details that can lead to confusion and inconsistency if not pinned down. But style guides can be much more […]

in Design - 30 Sep, 2015
by Lynn Perkins - one comment

There are three recurring problems on web design projects that affect your interest and ability to complete them: time, invention, and novelty. I’d like to help you solve all three. The time problem is one of deadlines. Even when you have months to work out the details of the product, the deadline invariably comes sooner […]

in Design - 29 Sep, 2015
by Lynn Perkins - 2 comments

There’s lots of ways to create a mockup. It’s true there is no “best” way, but depending on certain UI and UX designer’s styles and preferences (and the design process), some will work better than others.In this piece, we’ll look at the pros and cons of mockup tools, graphic design tools, as well as coded […]