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Credit Image:Uber Blog Uber announced on Wednesday that it’s delving further into food delivery with its new UberEATS app, separating its food delivery from its ride-sharing service. The original UberEATS launched in Los Angeles last year, and has since moved into Toronto, New York City, Austin, Chicago, and Barcelona. It promised delivery in 10 minutes or less, but only operated […]

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Credit Image:http://superiorpics.com/movie_pictures/mp/2007_Ocean’s_Thirteen/2007_ocean_thirteen_047.jpg There’s a difference between charisma and swagger, says Jeffrey Hayzlett, CEO of The Hayzlett Group and author of Think Big Act Bigger.  Swagger leads to what calls ‘Johnny Vegas Syndrome’ — an attitude characterized by excessive confidence and celebration and an unbearably inflated ego. He says this syndrome leads to “an undignified belief that you’re bigger than yourself and the […]

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Image Credit:Shutterstock While a great product is the core of any business, a clear sales and marketing strategy is vital to growth and success. Ads, social media, and direct outreach are all fun buzz words, but what do they really mean? How do you scale effectively scale these channels to help your business grow? From my experiences as […]

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The Deutsche Bank headquarters are seen in Frankfurt, Germany October 29, 2015.Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach Deutsche Bank is embarking on a major computer systems upgrade that will help it to make greater use of so-called “big data” to provide a detailed picture of how, when and where customers interact with it, the bank’s chief data officer said […]

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A man walks by shopping carts during the going-out-of-business sale at Target Canada in Toronto, February 5, 2015.Reuters/Mark Blinch Image Credit:A man walks by shopping carts during the going-out-of-business sale at Target Canada in Toronto, February 5, 2015. REUTERS/Mark Blinch Target Corp has agreed to pay $39.4 million to resolve claims by banks and credit […]

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When things go wrong in your company, it’s not enough to impose a fix. You need to understand your people and why they do the things they do Image Credit:Getty Images You want productivity and a smoothly-running company. So when things go wrong, changes are in order to fix things, right? Maybe–the problem is, often […]

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Image Credit:The opinions expressed here by Inc.com Typically when a business considers going “mobile,” it involves marketing moves: mobile ads, local offers, location-based activity. And all of that is important. But to assume that marketing is the be all and end all is to make an enormous mistake, as a single remark in a recent […]